In door at the YMCA

This week the Backyard League went to play soccer at the YMCA in door soccer. The people involved were George, Ben, Jack, Nick, Anthony and me. When we got there at about 6:30 pm we wandered around for a bit and eventually found the indoor court. When we got there we learned how the games … More In door at the YMCA


2v2 match

Recently I watched Adam and Anthony take on Warren and Michael. This was a very fun game to watch because it was two great players each having there own side kick to help them along. In my opinion Warren’s team was better because Anthony is a little better then Warren, but Michael is much much … More 2v2 match


Have you ever heard of the game “donkey” well I haven’t until just a few days ago, but now i’m obsessed with it. It is a kind of mixture between horse the basket ball game and butts up the game where you throw a ball at a wall. In this game you kick a soccer … More D.O.N.K.E.Y!