The Backyard League: Player Profiles

The Backyard league is a group of friends that play soccer in a backyard. We are made out of about 12 people from an age of the oldest being 26 and the youngest being 8. We play many games such as the most popular “Headers and Vollies” along side “Wembley.” This league also has 2 a side and 3 a side. Through out the next few weeks you will learn all of the player and there personalities. Also if you want us to try a game you know of just give me a email and ill work it in.


The first player is our most senior one straight from the Isle of Wight from England it is George Drake-Knight He is 26 years old and the most skilled person out there on the pitch. He is always looking IMG_8334for the the next person to take on with his nimble footwork and race horse like speed. He played in university and is now the best player in the league. A fun fact about GDK is that he is a direct descendant of Sir Francis Drake the first pirate.

Moving on the The next person he is 16 with a shot that willIMG_8330 cause an earthquake it’s Ben Firestone. Some people could mistake him for being Irish with that red hair of his, but no believe it or not he is straight African-American. That’s right his mom is straight from South Africa with English descent. All jokes aside Ben is a goal scoring machine with his accurate yet crushing shots. We refer to him as rusty fences, but he does not appreciate that o’so very much.

The next player goes by little Messi for his accurate finishing IMG_8383and stature it’s Warren Firestone, yes Benjamin’s brother. He is 13 years old with an appetite for goals standing at 5″ yet a lot of skill is packed into that body. It is truly incredible that he is still playing even though an older player broke his leg 2 years ago, my slide tackling him from behind. This older player was 6″1′ and 3 years older then him. His femur broke in two spots, but after a year of recovery and physical therapy to this day. This kid truly made an improvement and is looking to play at this school next year.

We will be back next week with a new issue of player profiles, so stick around.

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