Foot volley: My Worst Play Ever.

First of all a quick over view on the
game of foot volley, a game as good and the sun is high. A someone starts with the serve and can score after they kick it to the other side of the pitch. Then the opposition has 1 bounce then they must pass it to their teammate to kick it to the other side of the pitch. If they scored that then they may serve the ball then score if it hits the ground twice. So thats the game of foot volley.

WarrenVolleyThe other day my friends and I decided to play foot volley little did we
know it will be the worst mistake we will ever make. When we walked out we thought this will be a fun game with Antony, Nick and
Warren on one team wile me and Ben were on the other. We became quickly aware that this will be hard game after I showed some very terrible volleys in the beginning. Ben was getting more frustrated with me every terrible move I made and the game finally finished at 3 to 11
with the other team winning. Ben out for vengeance we wanted to have a rematch when itMevolley started they sored about 5 before we even go
a chance to serve (by the way in foot volley you must serve the ball to
be able to gain a point.) After it was 9 to 2 in a fit of rage Ben gave up and quit. We were all in shock and awe, what were we going to do.

nickvolleyNick the best out of all of us volunteered to go on my team the worst of us me. Once the game started we were doing decent it was
going 1 for us 1 for them 1 for us 2
for them the game was contested brilliantly. Once we got on an incredable rally going that I swear that it lasted 5 minutes of just hitting it back and forth, but finally ended after Warren it a fantastic shot to Nick, Nick passed it to me and I couldn’t put it over. After a hard contested match
it ended 7 us and 11 to them. After that we all headed in and had a good laugh.

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