Backyard El Clasico


Recently we had a 3 a side game with Anthony, Nick and I on one team and on the other it was Ben, Will and Michael. We have had this game two times before, but this one is special. It is special because we have both won one game which will make this one a tie breaker and who ever won this game they will be officially better. The teams might look unfair with our team better, but there really not because Ben is the best one here with Michael being pretty good. Before the game started we were all getting pumped up for the game hoping for a win.

At kickoff I made the crucial mistake of passing the ball back when I had space it move forward IMG_8819and we almost coincided. Once we recovered we were off. With Anthony as goal keeper we were feeling very confident, when we had a goal kick Anthony passed it to me, I passed it to Nick he took it down the line and sweatyed it to me, GOAL 1-0 us. We are looking very composed at this time, they have the kickoff Ben passes it to Will and Will back to Ben. Ben is taking up the center of the field we winds up and shot, but is deflected by Anthony that will be another goal kick for the other team. Same start and there back on the attack. Ben to Will, Will to Michael and Michael puts it between the brick and the rock goal, currently 1-1 at half time.

IMG_8818After switching sides everyone is looking re-energized and it is time for the second half. With Ben Pushing forward he blasts one from 6 yards and scores sensational strike by Ben Firestone 1-2 as it stands. A few plays later I am taking it up the wing and try to chip it over the keepers, but no such luck Ben catches it with ease and starts a counter attack. He giver it will, but he takes a bad touch and puts it out of play for a throw in. I take it and give the ball to Anthony, as I cut behind him he give it to me I give it to Nick and wowsers in by trousers what a goal by nick Firestone. That puts it to 2-2 extra time it is.

After extra time the penitently shootout begins. We take our penitently out of three Nick leads it off and scores. Next for the other team is Ben he also puts it in. Anthony, Michael and I all have scored. Will is up he lines up takes the shot and put it straight into the the keepers hands and that’s the game.

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