Backyard Little League

This week I got home from school early and witnessed the new generation of soccer players IMG_8888having a 3 against 3 game. The player on one team were Adam(9), Karina(9) and Sienna(10). The other team was Will(8), Nadia(7) and Keyiara(10). This game was a cracker to watch with George as the referee and Nick as the assistant referee and me as the cameraman.

I came in half way through the game with 2-1 Adams team the, with will yelling about how bad his team is and he wants a new one. Will was companying he was distracted and Adam scored fairly quickly, being tied for the best player out there he was very confident in his finish. During the next play the ball was being kick around in the center of the pitch with no real direction once Will got a foot to it he started to dribble toward goal with it not having a person in it, but then he IMG_8892took too big of a touch and lost control, he ultimately misses a open goal. It went for a goal kick and the game continued at its usual quality.

After about 10 minutes Will takes a volley from out side the box and scores. The assist went to Keyiara from an accurate throw in, 3-2 Adams team. Then in the next few players Will fouls Adam with a filthy tackle, Adams team has a free kick. They decided to have Karina take it, she got ready and shot just wide of the right post.  I personally would have liked Adam to take it because he has a much more accurate shot. Never the less during the next play Adam gave a great cross into Karina and she put it in with IMG_8897her chest.

In the end the game come to 9-8 Will’s team. After a hole bunch of goal scored by both Adam, Will and one from Keyiara which was a superb finish right into the to left. It was the second best goal in the game next to Adams finish from outside the box. The game finally ended with Keyiara absolutely destroying the ball and kicking it directly into Adam’s face.

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