Ben in Goal 2 Times… Whaaat


That’s right Big Boy Ben the super striker ends in goal 2 in one session of headers and volleys. It was Ben, Nick, Warren, Jack, George and me playing in the match. It started off with us kicking around then we all decided to have a game of headers and volleys, which was a great decision. The best part was that we had no idea how great it was going to end up.

It started with Ben ending in goal the first time with Jack having a simple finish that was able to fool Ben sticking IMG_8729him goal. Ben being Ben said I’m going to start trying now. During the next one Ben got out of goal very quickly, landing Jack in goal we put it down to two just scoring one after another. With two left George the best one of us goes in goal and we score two very quickly landing George in goal and him owing all of us favors.

During the next game George was in goat till about six left and then Nick went in goal. He held us off very well. With us going in and out of goal so rapidly Nick eventually ended in goal with George finishing the last one with a beautiful shot the left bottom corner, landing Nick in goal.

IMG_8727During the next round everyone was going  in and out left and right eventually I went in goal at four making a bad shot that went well wide totally missing the goal. I was trying to keep on my toes making few saves here and there, but overall playing terrible. I was not surprising that I was was playing bad because I am a terrible keeper I am easily one of the worst keepers in the Backyard League, it ended on me when I over committed try to make a catch missed it and they scored on me.

During the last round I got out fairly quickly catching Georges shot and we scored on him a few times. Then George catches Ben’s shot putting him in goal. We start scoring like there was no tomorrow and we finished him off, it was spectacular. That is the story how Ben ended in goal two times in one day.

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