FullSizeRender (4)Have you ever heard of the game “donkey” well I haven’t until just a few days ago, but now i’m obsessed with it. It is a kind of mixture between horse the basket ball game and butts up the game where you throw a ball at a wall. In this game you kick a soccer ball as hard as you can against a short wall between two indicators. Then the nest person turn has to kick the ball from were it stopped and if you miss you get a letter. The game ends when all people are eliminated after they have the word donkey spelled out. That is the basic rules of donkey.

It was great fun the first time I played donkey. It was Dom, Katie, Will, Adam, Warren, Ben, Nick, and me all in the same game and it took a long time. We were playing for about 10 minutes after Will got to “donke” and he still had a “y” till he was out. Ben was up and he sent the ball screaming to the back of the yard. Covered by plants will couldn’t make the shot and was out. The next one was Adam where Dom hit the ball off the wall and way into the bricks Adam couldn’t pull off theFullSizeRender (3) shot and was eliminated. After he was eliminated him and Will got into a raging fight.

sadly the next one to go out was me. I was on my last letter and the ball was going to the very back I needed to hit it wile it was still moving or it will go too far away. I kicked it it was just wide I went out.

IMG_8831The next person to get out was Katie after she miss an close shot that was moving and she hit it over the short wall. She tried her best, but she couldn’t do it, it remind you this wall is literally a foot and a half tall. The game went on for a long time after that, but then Nick sent Dom to the back of the yard and it was too far away to hit accurately. Once there was three left it got interesting because they are all brothers and that they are all good at the game. After a little wile Warren missed one leaving Ben and Nick. Ben and Nicks rally went on for a quite a bit after Ben had an easy shot and bombed it over. That was my first experience with the game DONKEY.

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