Free for All, Wembley


This week I happen to be in the backyard when I saw Michael, Warren, Will, Adam and Karina playing wembley. In the game wembly the point is to score it is free for all and if you score you move to the next round. One person doesn’t score every time making the next round one person shorter. Karina volunteered to  go in goal in the beginning because she has been trying to become a better keeper and she thought this was the best way to do so. At the beginning of the game Warren was the favor to win because he is years older then everyone else, but Michael does have a few tricks up his sleeves since he has been playing for Santa Barbara Soccer Club U9 and is 5:2:16:2the only one there that has played in a club team.

When the game started Karina kicked it way out so Warren ran the ball down and controlled it he started to dribble and passed everyone “easy work” quote by Warren Firestone. During the next play Karina threw it out and it was a battle between Will and Michael. Michael had the ball and Will was guarding him for all he’s worth Michael makes a break, but misses the shot, sad that could have been his chance. When the next play started will got the ball, but Adam came in with a filthy slide tackle and took will out Adam got a yellow card which means he’s out for 1 minute and Will got a penalty shot. Will scores it with ease making Adam out and Michael have the pitch to himself. Once the kick off is made Michael scores it easily because it was just him and a bad keeper.

5:2:16:3In the next round it was Will, Warren and Michael, we all knew that Warren was the strong favorite. In the first play the ball bobbled around in the middle of everyone and then was kicked out by Warren. Next he Karina threw the ball farther then usual and Warren was able to take control and dribbled around Will. He tried to score, but Karina blocked it and Michael put it in off the rebound. Then it was just Warren and Will, during the next play Warren easly scored. It was finals with Warren and Michael in it. It was quite a few of one on one’s and eventually Warren took it slow and scored.

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