In door at the YMCA

IMG_9132This week the Backyard League went to play soccer at the YMCA in door soccer. The people involved were George, Ben, Jack, Nick, Anthony and me. When we got there at about 6:30 pm we wandered around for a bit and eventually found the indoor court. When we got there we learned how the games were laid out, it worked by it being golden goal and if the first game ended in a tie it decide by a coin flip.

We waited for a little while until it was our turn to play then after the first game ended in a tie the over all younger team won the coin flip. Half of our team that is George, Ben and Nick went on to play with the a team that only had 2 players. Their game went to a tie after about 8 minutes. Next Jack, Anthony and me went on with a few players we don’t know. Anthony was in goal with me and Jack playing full backs after playing for 8 minutes we went off for ending the game in a tie.

After that Ben left because we wasn’t feeling up for another game so after he left we were able to have a full game of all our friends. During the next game with Anthony in goal me and Jack playing full backs Nick and George playing forward. We played hard, but we weren’t good enough to win and eventually was scored on. We played the next game and one play that was so good was when Anthony passes it to me and I gave it right back. Anthony passed it to Nick and he gave it to me down the line. I did a guy and pull off a shot. I was so close to going then we tied after a little while longer.

After that we decided to play one more then head off because it was getting late and we needed to ged home. Once we played the next one Nick convinced us to do another so we played and tied like usual. Then we did one more and tied again. We left right afterward and it was dark when they did.

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